BlockX Chain

The BlockX layer-1 blockchain is an effective alternative to the Ethereum network that helps connect real-world finance to Web3 through tokenization, as well as node validation and token delegation within the ecosystem.
The BlockX network is aimed at solving the most common issues that existing layer-1 chains have, such as:
  • Inability to scale
  • Lack of mass adoption
  • Developer-unfriendly environments
  • High has fees
  • Slow transaction finalization times
  • Lack of community inclusion
  • Poor documentation
BlockX is focused entirely on creating an exciting and stable developer experience, ensuring that node validators & token delegators are satisfied with high rewards, low fees, and transaction speeds.

The blockchain was built with the enablement of Metaverse, NFT, DAO, and other Web3 apps in mind, therefore its scalability and efficiency are being optimized to their fullest.

Since BlockX is cross-chain-compatible and interoperable, developers of different types of knowledge and industry skills can join in and start contributing to our ecosystem almost immediately. We believe that mass adoption of blockchain technology lies in multi-chain settlements and compatibility of dApps, tokens, and networks.

Join our blockchain today and start building dApps that will shape this decade of a new internet.
BlockX Docs