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Frequently Asked

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Who can invest through BlockX?

Everyone can invest through BlockX. Whether you are a qualified investor, a retail one, or even a company we will be happy to guide you to ensure you understand everything.

What is Token?

A token is a digital representation of security, right, or utility. A token can represent the share capital of a company, the right to collect a portion of a loan, etc. It is registered on the blockchain and ensures that all token transactions that occur between people or entities are recorded, accessible and unchangeable.

Are Security Offerings legal? 

Yes they are, and they must be compliant per the laws of the country where they are issued. BlockX offer the issue, management and settlement of STOs, fundraised through Tokenizer Platform,
on a fully legal and compliant way.

How Can I open an Issuer account and pass the KYC?

To start, submit an application on the website, or in the app. Once you have created an account, you will have to pass our KYC.