Develop on BlockX

BlockX, being a multi/cross-chain PoS ecosystem, welcomes blockchain developers from all walks of life. We are the first-ever project to offer block rewards and gas fees to developers
Protocol and dApp developers — there is no better time to get involved in the BlockX ecosystem than right now. The Testnet v7 network is running, and projects are already being built from our side, like the BlockX NFT marketplace, exchange, DEX, station, and others!

Starting your development with BlockX is very intuitive, the majority of the network’s features have been built using Cosmos SDK, a prominent tool for dApp and protocol creation. If you’re familiar with it, you’re in luckThe potential of working, effective apps in our ecosystem is nearly limitless. Not only is the layer-1 network EVM-powered, but it offers such solutions as oracle computations, interoperability, and secure decentralized digital identity.
  • We are the first project in the history of crypto to offer a portion of block rewards and gas fees to you, the developers’
  • Collaborate directly with BlockX, and launch gas-free dApps that have been prepaid by one or more partners
  • Get your hands on IBC and the InterChain Bridge to horizontally scale your projects; port them from and to other networks seamlessly.
  • Receive grants that will fuel your future innovations, get recognized by the broader crypto community
In regards to the incentives, there are many opportunities. The level of contribution you, as a developer and community consultant provide, can land you large chunks of BCX tokens in your wallet.What’s more, BlockX Grant Programs will assist you in everything from building your own community, advancing your core tech and operations, to fully launching.

To start out, head over to the BlockX developer documentation, and, depending on whether you’re a dApp or protocol developer, go to the dedicated page. Once you’ve explored them, make sure to set up a wallet, and deploy a smart contract with BlockX!
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