About BlockX

The following is a brief outline of the tokenomics of BlockX, including description of our native BCX token, its supply and distribution, use cases within the ecosystem and beyond, and the use of funds raised from token sales.

BlockX Network

BlockX NFT is still under heavy development and still awaits a number of features to be implemented, and we will be updating our community about it consistently.

Meet Our Team

Manindra Majumdar
Chief Executive Officer
John Stanley
Chief Financial Officer
VP Architecture Blockchain BlockX
Benjamin Pacheco
Chief Technology Officer
Atma Degeyndt
Head of Content & Analytics
Kevin Hedlund
Director of Business  Development
Param Jain
Webex Developer
Jonathan Nasution
UX Designer
Nelson da Rocha
Wordpress Developer
Charliemagne Libaton
PHP Full Stack  Developer
Zeeshan Ali Ghoghai
UX/UI Designer
Subramanyam Chemmarthi
DevOps Engineer
Pawan Neupane
Head of Communications
Akinremi Opeyemi
Content Creator
Richard Hong
Blockchain Engineer
Kalen Scott
VP of Marketing
Neemish Santosh
Director of HR
Li Yong
Blockchain  Developer
Mukul Gangaramani
SEO Manager
Patrick Ehimen
Community Manager
Aaron Rodier
Blockchain Developer
Elias Jose Sanchez
Blockchain Developer
James Lee
Blockchain Developer
Mubarak Muhammed
Community Manager
Donald Cui
Blockchain  Developer
Charles Li
General Attorney
Kenny Stacker
Blockchain Developer
Yashvardhan Awasthi
Flutter Developer
Karan Sanjay Kharode
Flutter &  Blockchain Developer
Albert Wing
Blockchain Developer
Andrey Babich
Graphic Designer
Pedro Salazar
Blockchain Developer
Kamis bin Bintang
Blockchain Developer