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You Can Now Buy $BCX With 19 Cryptocurrencies — Here’s How, and Why

The cryptocurrency market has gone down the rails once again. A correction of sorts is usually healthy, but the recent developments in the space have massively increased uncertainty and doubt.

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The cryptocurrency market has gone down the rails once again. A correction of sorts is usually healthy, but the recent developments in the space have massively increased uncertainty and doubt.

The suspicious FTX scandal, BlockFi preparing for potential bankruptcy, and the whole remaining chain of projects and individuals that these companies owe funds to.

A series of sell orders are still flooding the market, still preventing even the mightiest bulls from entering new positions.

The question arises: where do investors go after selling their best bets — back to the high-inflation dollar? Other fiat currencies? Commodities?

There’s likely not enough data to determine that just yet, since the downward spiral is still in development.

Here is another question: what should the average investor do if a token they used to like drops to the lowest possible level?

There once lived, and even somewhat thrived giants like Celsius, FTX, Terra Luna, Voyager…until they didn’t.

In short, there are many people currently stuck with their positions, with nowhere else to transition because of the turmoil in all financial markets. That is if they don’t know some secret investment exploit no one else is aware of, which mostly isn’t the case.

Buy BCX with Crypto During Public Sale

We’re here to share that our native token $BCX can now be bought using 19 different cryptocurrencies. They include: ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, XLM, BCH, BNB, USDT, TRX, USDC, DASH, WAVES, LUNC, SHIB, DOGE, FTT, SOL, AVAX, and MATIC.

If you’re perceptive, you’ve noticed that FTT, LUNC, and some meme tokens are on the list.

We’re sharing this with you because the exchange listing of $BCX will happen in less than a month, on December 20th, thus exiting failing positions and taking up a new token that may be of great future upside potential instead, might be a reasonable strategy after all.

In a hopeful mood created by this potential for upside, we share with you a guide to buying $BCX on the official BlockX investor dashboard/launchpad.

To start, head over to https://invest.blockxnet.com/. You’ll be shown the following login box:

You may choose between signing in with Google or by entering your email address and a new password manually. The former is usually better. Immediately after, your Investor Dashboard will appear:

At the top, you can see options for viewing transactions, your holdings, and more. To proceed with the $BCX purchase, go ahead and click the blue button entitled Buy Token Now.

As you can see, a dedicated purchase page appeared, filled with token buying options — everything from the established ETH to something memey like SHIB.

The current public sale price of $BCX is $0.183. Choose the currency that you want to use for your $BCX purchase, and scroll down some more. The Amount selection section will appear:

Enter the number of $BCX tokens you’d like to buy. Your bonus tokens, if applicable (depending on the number of tokens you select), will be calculated as you enter the number. Click Make Payment to proceed — a new pop-up will appear.

Select the network you’d like to use, confirm that you’re paying with crypto, and check the agreement box. Then click Buy Token Now.

A payment confirmation should be displayed. Copy the address that is displayed, or simply scan the QR code on your phone. As stated in the pop-up, enter the address of the wallet you’re paying with to speed up the process — we’re doing manual reviews, and that will help.

Send your payment in no longer than 2 days, and nothing will go wrong if you happen to send a different amount — the details will update automatically. Once you’re done, click Confirm Payment, and you’re set!

Your $BCX will appear in the dashboard once the BlockX team has reviewed the transaction.

Thank you for following this tutorial. We hope you learned something new about BlockX products, especially the main Investor Dashboard and its basic use.

Having holdings such as FTT or LUNC down to incredible lows can put one in a very uncomfortable position. That’s why we’re offering $BCX in exchange for these and similar tokens.

$BCX holders are eagerly waiting for December 20th — the date their tokens get listed on exchanges.

We’ve been talking and working with some of the top 20 exchanges to list $BCX, and there is quite some potential upside, especially considering the number of products BlockX is producing, the feature-rich chain, and the wide ecosystem of technologies itself.


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