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BlockX Bounty — Claim your BCX at https://airdrop.blockxnet.com/

A comprehensive guide on how to claim your $BCX token on Metamask

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We have created a Smart Contract that will handle your airdrop rewards for efficiency and transparency purposes. The dapp is at https://airdrop.blockxnet.com .

The contract address is https://bscscan.com/address/0x5D617F4062841e49B153Aa7EB491C421204c299b#readContract. With this, you can check the number of tokens that an address will receive or if the rewards have been sent already to the address provided by checking it via

Steps to Claim your Bounty Rewards via Metamask

  • Go to https://airdrop.blockxnet.com on any desktop browser with Metamask (Chrome, Brave of Firefox). Click on Connect to activate your Metamask Wallet to the dapps. Note the Metamask account does not have to be the same as the Claim address of the bounty rewards. This is just a mechanism for handling the claim process. The account needs to be connected to Binance Smart Chain and has at least about 0.0005 BNB (worth $0.50 or less).
  • Enter the recipient’s address then hit Claim. It will show you a dialogue box that displays how much BCX you’re about to receive and if it says 0 then it’s either the address is not included in the list of bounty recipients or the reward has been claimed already.
  • Then follow the Metamask window to approve the claim transaction. Metamask will deduct around 0.0004 BNB worth less than 0.50 for the transaction.
  • With this process, the recipient address doesn’t have to be the same as the one processing the claim so if your address is in a mobile wallet like TrustWallet or MyEtherWallet, all you have to do is visit https://airdrop.blockxnet.com using a browser where you have your BNB in then enter your address in the field. For this to work, first you need to have some BNB in your Metamask even just $0.30 worth of BNB or around 0.0004 BNB for every claim. For multiple rewards to the same address, we have added all the entries.
  • Once the Metamask transaction is complete, you can view the BCX in your wallets. If you have not added BCX custom token into your wallet, see the instructions below
  • Metamask: https://bridge.blockxnet.com/addingBlockXToMetamask
  • Trust Wallet: https://bridge.blockxnet.com/addingBlockXToTrust
  • Binance Chain Wallet https://bridge.blockxnet.com/addingBlockXToBinanceWallet
  • MyEtherWallet https://bridge.blockxnet.com/addingBlockXToMew


- What if the address you entered for Bounty rewards is not in Metamask?

You need a browser with Metamask just to access the dapp. After that, you can withdraw to any other wallet address that you can enter. The address you enter need not match the wallet address. As long as you have Metamask on any account, you can use that to withdraw to any other wallet address

- What if you have no access to Metamask at all?

It is very unlikely that a blockchain enthusiast does not have access to Metamask at all. If that’s the case, you can download Metamask at https://metamask.io/download/ for various desktop browsers including wChrome, Brave, Edge Firefox.

- What if your address is showing zero BCX to claim?

If your wallet address is showing Zero BCX then you have withdrawn all the rewards or your wallet address is not on the list. If you still have any issues, fill out this form https://forms.gle/ErLibRGvwtr3xewi9

- What is the deadline to claim?

There is no deadline and it will always be available to claim as it’s on the smart contract which is already funded with the BCX rewards pool.

- Airdrop

As of March 31st, the bounty rewards are available to claim, the airdrop rewards will be available on 7th April.

Click this link to join our AMA on 7th April

Invest and buy BCXhttps://invest.blockxnet.com/token/bcx

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