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BlockX Ecosystem Roadmap

BlockX expects a strong fourth quarter with the release of a slew of new features and the listing of BCX tokens

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At BlockX we are busy building the next version of a Layer 1 Blockchain to be the alternative to Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot and Ethereum.

The basic structure of the chain includes

1. Lightning fast Smart Chain: Transact and Deploy applications at super speed and sub 1sec transactions. All this for extremely low gas fees

2. Cross Chain Bridge and Settlement: Port apps and tokens from any other chain to BlockX and vice versa

3. Oracle: Use our native built Oracles to import off-chain data from several sources and build Hybrid chains easily

BCX is the native token of the BlockX ecosystem and we are soon including the BlockX ecosystem as follows:

1. BlockX Card: MasterCard Debit Card that can be loaded with BCX tokens and used for transactions will be issued to BCX holders in certain countries along with a web app to load the card with BCX. The card can be used in online and offline in any merchants that accept MasterCard.

More details in a full blog post. This partnership is already been signed

2. BlockX Exchange: We are launching a full crypto exchange in partnership with OKX.

Alpha Test version https://exchange.blockxnet.com/trade-spot/lunc-usdt

The exchange is open to alpha testers for trading that includes spot, futures, perpetual, and options tradition in Crypto.

3. NFT marketplace: We are also launching NFT marketplace where all NFTs created from BlockX Chain as well as other chains can be traded.

Some of the other things we are working on for Block users are:

- BlockX DEX

- GlobalDEX aggregator

- BlockX Dapp Store

- BlockX Algorithmic Stablecoin

For Developers, we working on
  • APIs to access BlockX Functions more easily without running nodes
  • Easy porting of apps and tokens from other chains
  • Grant Program
  • Hackathons
  • Community Fund


  • Staking — Currently on
  • Testnetv4— Currently Running
  • Liquidity pool — September 2022
  • Incenstivized Testnet — September 2022
  • NFT Marketplace Launch — September 2022
  • Mainnet Listings — October 2022
  • Exchange Listings — October 2022
  • BlockX Card — Q1 2023
  • BlockX Algorithmic Stable Coin — Q1 2023

Exchange Listings

The exchange Listing of BlockX Token (BCX) has been delayed again for 2 months to October 31st 2022. The reasons for the date change are:

  1. Market conditions : Current Market is still extremely volatile and is not going to help for the launch
  2. Liquidity : We want to build a deep liquidity pool in the next few weeks to support the token launch
  3. Listing in Top 10 exchange: We are currently discussing with some of the top 10 exchanges and we hope to list in some of them at the time of Launch to have even more liquidity in Central Exchanges in addition to DEXes.

BCX Token Sale

BCX token sale now reopens in the internal portal and other IEO portals and Launchpads. Additional fundraising will be allocated to

  1. Audit of the smart contract of the chain before launch
  2. Produce Development
  3. Liquidity Pool

Buy BCX : https://invest.blockxnet.com/token/bcx

BCX Buy Back Fund

As the BlockX ecosystem now includes the exchange as well NFT Marketplace, we will use 5% of the profits of the exchange and NFT marketplace to buy back BCX tokens from the open market and burn BCX until the supply is reduced to 100 Million BCX.


We are also involving validators in our BlockX Testnet. So, if you are interested in becoming a Validator for BlockX, please fill out the below form. Validators require staked 100,000 BCX and they have several economic rewards such as inflation block rewards and gas fees. Validators can then accept Delegators for the Staking rewards.

Validators Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6yaFeOV0nAq9PojyfInBetkjqYqUwlvG45a4tsUd-m5kCdA/viewform

A lot of topics have been covered in this post so separate posts will be made to cover various points of update in the next few days

We would like to thank our community for sticking with us. As the Crypto Market will soon emerge into the next bull run, we are well positioned to be the smart chain of choice for developers and users.


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