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Here’s the Hidden Gem Token Boosting Asset Tokenization to the Next Level

As asset tokenization becomes increasingly popular, Tokenizer, with its $BCX token, is taking this to further heights.

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The benefits of blockchain technology extend far beyond the scope of cryptocurrencies. Ranging from banking and real estate to automobile, telehealth, and others, blockchain technology has had a revolutionary impact on several industries. In fact, one of the most significant influences of blockchain technology can be found in the global financial industry, where its transparency, speed, and anonymity, among other advantages, have led to its wider adoption.

The financial industry is recognizing the transformative impact of blockchain technology, especially in the investment and assets sector. Through asset tokenization, an asset can be readily split down into smaller units of ownership. This process encourages the democratization of investment in previously illiquid assets and creates more equitable marketplaces for a wider pool of people.

Tokenization, at its most basic level, is the process of transforming valuable items into usable tokens on the blockchain. While it has opened up new opportunities for projects and businesses to raise capital, it has also provided ordinary people with the opportunity to make meaningful investments.

Blockchain technology enables the easy tokenization of assets that are difficult to convert or exchange. NFTs, artwork, real estate, and other assets are generally difficult to divide into smaller chunks. Tokenization makes it easier to divide these types of assets while keeping them in their original condition.

Even in today's modern society, when technological progress is at its pinnacle, a massive chunk of the global population is still unable to invest in high-value assets. This is where tokenization and other capital-raising techniques come into play. As the use of tokenization by businesses and investors throughout the world grows, various new platforms with tokenization capabilities have emerged. One such solution, Tokenizer, is already making headlines.

What is Tokenizer?

Tokenizer, which is powered by BlockX, a blockchain-based Digital Assets Settlement, and Payment Chain, promises to democratize investment and banking for everyone by providing a range of asset classes. Tokenizer makes it simple to transfer ownership without having to sign any piece of paper.

There is a new wave of tokenization sweeping the globe and bridging the gap between private market assets and common investors, making them more liquid. Tokenizer is leading the change with respect to this and is committed to solving the liquidity issue of private markets.

Asset-backed tokens may be structured and sold using Tokenizer, which also serves as a marketplace. It also provides full-service digital banking, allowing users to manage and store their digital assets in a single place. Currently, no chain is solely dedicated to security token offerings and digital asset security. This is where BlockX and its Tokenizer platform come in.

$BCX tokens

$BCX token, the native token of the BlockX ecosystem, plays an integral role in the functionality of the Tokenizer platform. The total supply of $BCX tokens is capped at 1 billion. Let us look at some of its key features.

  • Gas Fees

One of the main advantages of the BlockX blockchain over Ethereum is that it is cheaper, and the cost of tokens is cheap as well. This is because all gas fees in BlockX are paid with BCX tokens.

  • Block rewards

With the $BCX token, users can become verified stakers and earn daily staking rewards. Users can also become a delegator or verified operator to run local nodes. Stakers and Delegators will earn $BCX tokens as a reward.

  • Tokenizer Exchange & Supported products

$BCX is the native token used for the Tokenizer Exchange fees. In addition, fees levied by BlockX, Tokenizer, and affiliated exchanges can be paid using $BCX tokens at a 50% discount.

Final thoughts

BlockX and its Tokenizer platform are undeniably integrating the best of blockchain, finance, and technology to make investment and fundraising efficient, safe, and accessible to everybody. With attractive staking rewards, multi-token, NFT and chain support, low latency, and smart contract compatibility, there’s no doubt that BlockX will radically transform the investment landscape for the better.


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