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TOKN - BCX Token Swap is Live

The TOKN - BCX token swap is now available to be processed.

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Hi BlockX (aka Tokenizer) Community,

We have released the new tokenomics for BlockX Protocol and we are excited to explain how this affects the community moving forward, and more importantly, how this affects YOU – our early adopters. 

We needed to restructure and develop a new technical approach to allow the BlockX community to execute the great utilities that we released recently. Hence, we are going to be replacing the TOKN token with the brand new, super-improved BCX token. 

The TOKN - BCX tokens swaps is now available to be processed here

We must clarify that the TOKN Token will be available for swapping until the end of 2022. 

Significant effort has gone into both the development, rest assured that we have spent a great deal of time assessing the Token Swap procedure, ensuring that the end result brings the most benefit to the BlockX Ecosystem.


Participation Windows

The TOKN Swap bridge is live and ongoing - You can seamlessly swap your TOKN - BCX using this link

The TOKN Token Swap window will be available until  the 22th October 2022. Token Swap requests submitted during this period will be processed accordingly.


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