The Cross-Chain Ecosystem for
Web 3.0

An EVM+Cosmos Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem built for lightning-fast transactions and low gas fees, welcoming developers to build dApps seamlessly, together
                  ICO Portal
                   December 13-20
A Blockchain for Metaverse, NFTs, & DeFi
BlockX has made blockchain development safer and more supportive. Our community of builders is vetted, and committed to helping each succeed in the world of blockchain development
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Why build on BlockX?
BlockX is an EVM-powered layer-1 chain that enables an ecosystem fueled by multi-chain interoperability, sovereign identity, and off-chain oracles

Absolute Interoperability

The BlockX blockchain is compatible with today’s most popular Layer-1 chains like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and others. This allows us to scale towards viable mass adoption of Web3

An Open Ecosystem

BlockX has cross-chain compatibility, therefore we welcome Web3 developers with different backgrounds, and assist them in building dApps that will shape the future of blockchain technology

A Development Heaven

Developing the next big Metaverse, DAO app, or NFT launchpad? The BlockX ecosystem fits every developer’s needs, and offers unique functionality for node validation and token delegation

Off-Chain Oracle Data

The native Oracles of BlockX allow you to import off-chain data and create hybrid chains seamlessly. The application of real-world data on the blockchain has no limits for a competent developer

Create your own Blockchain / AppChain
for unlimited Scalability

Build your own
BlockX is for Everyone


  • First chain to offer block rewards to developers
  • Easy porting of projects from other networks
  • Horizontal scalability with IBC & InterChain bridge
  • REST-API for easy chain interactions


  • Block rewards & gas fees for Validators
  • CLI and GUI software options
  • Simple Validator approval process
  • Multiple OS & computer architecture support


  • Lowest gas fees cost using the native BCX token
  • Lightning-fast transactions across the ecosystem
  • A global hub for blockchain enthusiasts
  • Access to an ecosystem of innovative dApps


  • Digital banking on-chain
  • Asset tokenization
  • Blockchain-based loans, stocks, bonds, and more
  • Self-sovereign digital identity

Join the BlockX network as a validator to run nodes for testnet and mainnet and get Validator Grants!

Apply to become a Founding ValidatorRead Validator Documentation


Support BlockX chain on your dapps and get upto 1 Million BCX in Grant.

We support both EVM and Cosmos dapps
upto 1 Million BCX

Navigate Through Explorers

Ping.Pub-based Blockchain Explorer (Cosmos)
BlockScout-based Blockchain Explorer (EVM)
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