Cross Chain Network for Web 3.0

A Layer 1 blockchain built for lightning-speed transactions and low gas fees; an open ecosystem for developers to build Metaverse, DAO, DeFi, GameFi and NFT dApps seamlessly.
Built by Developers, for Developers

Lightning Fast Network
Lowest Gas Fees
Network of Networks
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Why build on BlockX?
BlockX is an EVM-powered layer-1 chain that enables an ecosystem fueled by muti-chain operability, sovereign identity, and off-chain oracles.

Absolute Interoperability

The BlockX blockchain is compatible with today’s most popular Layer-1 chains like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and others. This allows us to scale towards viable mass adoption of Web3.

A Development Haven

Developing the next big Metaverse, DAO app, or NFT launchpad? The BlockX ecosystem fits every developer’s needs, and offers unique functionality for node validation and token delegation

An Open Ecosystem

BlockX has cross-chain compatibility, therefore we welcome Web3 developers with different backgrounds, and assist them in building dApps that will shape the future of blockchain technology.

Off-Chain Oracle Data

Off-Chain Oracle DataThe native Oracles of BlockX allow you to import off-chain data and create hybrid chains seamlessly. The application of real-world data on the blockchain has no limits for a competent developer.

Create your version of Web3

BlockX is for Everyone

• First chain to offer a share of block rewards and gas fees to developers
• Developer incentives to improve and govern the protocol
• Easy porting of projects from other networks
• Horizontal scalability using IBC & InterChain bridge
• REST-API for easy chain     interactions
•  Mint Tokens & Deploy Apps     once, use them in multi     chain chains
•Lowest gas fees cost using our native BCX token
• Lightning-fast transactions
• A global hub for blockchain enthusiasts
• Access to an ecosystem of innovative dApps
Validators are participants that keep the network active by creating new blocks and confirming transactions.
• Block Rewards & Gas fees for Validators
• CLI and GUI software options available
• Simple Validator approval process
• Support of multiple OS and computer architectures
• Asset tokenization
• Blockchain-based loans,     stocks, bonds, and more
• Self-sovereign digital identity
• Interbank Transfers

Manindra Majumdar
Chief Executive Officer
John Stanley
Chief Financial Officer
VP Architecture Blockchain BlockX
Benjamin Pacheco
Chief Technology Officer
Atma Degeyndt
Head of Content & Analytics
Kevin  Hedlund
Director of Business  Development
Param  Jain
Webex Developer
Jonathan  Nasution
UX Designer
Neslon  da Rocha
Wordpress Developer
Charliemagne Libaton
PHP Full Stack  Developer
Zeeshan  Ali Ghoghai
UX/UI Designer
Subramanyam  Chemmarthi
DevOps Engineer
Pawan  Neupane
Head of Community
Akinremi  Opeyemi
Content Creator
Richard  Hong
Blockchain Engineer
Kalen  Scott
VP of Marketing
Nemish  Santosh
Director of HR
Li  Yong
Blockchain  Developer
Mukul Gangaramani
SEO Manager
Howard  Kane
Lead Writer / Special Projects
Patrick Ehimen
Community Manager
Aaron  Rodier
Blockchain Developer
Elias Jose  Sanchez
Blockchain Developer
James  Lee
Blockchain Developer
Mubarak Muhammed
Community Manager
Donald  Cui
Blockchain  Developer
Charles  Li
General Attorney
Kenny  Stacker
Blockchain Developer
Yashvardhan  Awasthi
Flutter Developer
Karan  Sanjay Kharode
Flutter &  Blockchain Developer
Albert  Wing
Blockchain Developer
Andrey  Babich
Graphic Designer
Pedro  Salazar
Blockchain Developer
Kamis  bin Bintang
Blockchain Developer

MainNet & Exchange Listing
October 31st

The BlockX Mainnet and Exhcnageis coming soon. Prepare for the official BCX token sale and a series of products launching on the BlockX ecosystem.
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