1 token = multiple PROJECTS airdrop

BlockX Ventures Ecosystem Token

Web3.0 Ecosystem Fund and Venture Studio
with AI. Holders of BXVX tokens receive Airdrop of ecosystem projects
The Ecosystem
BlockX Ventures is an Web3.0 Ecosystem Fund consisting of Layer Chain 1, Wallets and Dapps working together to redefine the Web3.0 landscape
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BlockX Ventures leverage network effects and economies of scale to drive growth and rapid go to market
Partnership Deals
Liquidity & Market Making
Product Connections
Unified ID & Wallet
PR & Business Development

Token Mechanics BXVX

1  BXVX is equal to BCX tokens(1x) plus several ecosystem projects(0.25x) both internal and external. Internal Projects are mentioned below and include DEX, AI Marketplace, Game Hub, etc in addition to BlockX Chain tokens (BCX). So it is like investing in a portfolio. The  tokens get airdropped to the wallet address that is holding BXVX. Some external developers will also be joining the ecosystem and then we will airdrop those tokens also at no extra costs to BXVX holders

Investment deck: BlockX Ventures deck:  https://docsend.com/view/z7sasftnyib9m2pe

Investment Portal: https://invest.blockxnet.com/token/bxvx

Email for Private deals: contact@blockxventures.co

Buy BXVX Ecosystem Fund Token