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BlockX Announces ExMarkets IEO Date

BlockX is about to commence its Initial Exchange Offering of its BCX token on the Exmarket launchpad platform. The offering is open to everyone and is scheduled to hold on the 15th of October, 2021.

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Decentralized Finance has been one of the fastest-growing areas in cryptocurrency in recent years. Its potential presents such enormous opportunities that even national governments, and other equally important financial actors, are beginning to look into it as a budding game-changer for many national financial strategies.

The issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and Asset-Backed Tokens, are just some of the innovations that are a spin-off from DeFi. Aside from this, DeFi creates an open playground for ordinary everyday people to build investments they would never have had access to.

However, despite the positivity and euphoria that surrounds this new emergence, certain issues are still of concern to users. There’s not enough infrastructure that can combine blockchain efficiency with real-world required compliance and the number of use cases.

To fill this void, BlockX has built an expansive infrastructure that effectively combines real-world finance with the functionalities of the DeFi blockchain architecture.

BlockX: The Global Settlement Network for Digital Assets, Payments Chain, and Central Bank Digital Currencies

BlockX is building a comprehensive ecosystem that will drive institutional adoption of asset tokenization and capital market investment on a global scale. The BlockX ecosystem is built in such a way that real-world financial assets can be translated into blockchain-backed DeFi solutions through asset tokenization. All with the due diligence of legal compliance and individual and institutional safety.

BlockX solution encompasses on-chain digital identity (AML/KYC compliance), a custodial digital wallet for individuals and institutions, rule-based trading and smart chain compliance, real-world asset tokenization, a primary marketplace for asset-backed tokens, and a secondary exchange platform.

As part of the grand plan of BlockX, its platform — Tokenizer — will be the next generation DeFi platform for project fundraising, issuing, and exchanging asset-backed tokens (ABT). The Tokenizer platform will typically operate as an investment banking system that champions accessible, equitable, transparent and secured financial services where every member of the BlockX community has access to equal investment opportunities.

The Tokenizer platform functions to easily transform and convert institutional finance such as Real Estate, Venture Capital, Bonds, Private Market Securities and other assets into digital asset-backed tokens that can be invested in. Following tokenization, funds can be raised from a global network of dedicated investor communities. These ABTs can then be traded on a regulated global exchange with fast and cheap transaction.

Currently, several multi-million dollar offerings have already signed up with Tokenizer.


The BCX is the official utility token of BlockX and it is the underlying currency for all tokenized digital assets on the platform. Trading, investment, and all forms of exchanges on the tokenizer platform are powered by BCX.

The pre-sale of the BCX token is now live and ongoing till the 15th of October with up to 30% BONUS based on your total investment + BONUS AMOUNT (only Pre-Sale). Register for your BCX tokens here!

An initial investment of $15,000, on top of a 30% Sale Bonus will be applied + a special price of $0.10 per BCX

An initial investment of $100,000, on top of a 30% Sale Bonus will be applied + a special price of $0.08 per BCX.

Get Ready for BlockX IEO on Exmarket LaunchPad

BlockX is about to commence its Initial Exchange Offering of its BCX token on the Exmarket launchpad platform. The offering is open to everyone and is scheduled to launch on the 15th of October, 2021.

The IEO is set to commence @ 0.15 USD per BCX token + a 30% BONUS at exactly 14:00 GMT. Acceptable currencies for token purchase include $BTC, $USDT, and $ETH.

Get ready to be one of the first to participate in the IEO following this link

About BlockX

BlockX is a DeFi project that aims to democratize access for investors and fundraisers by making investing and fundraising efficient, safe and accessible to everyone. The project is built by a team whose tenacity is driving them to work towards the common goal of combining the best of blockchain with the financial industry and technology.

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