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Building a Metaverse Project? Here is Why you Should Consider BlockX

BlockX is the new cornerstone for building metaverse projects

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Metaverse projects are the new darling of the cryptocurrency space. The concept of incorporating reality into virtual life is so alluring that many investors have begun diversifying their funds and portfolios to include metaverse-related assets.

A strong blockchain as a backbone is critical to the overall success of emerging metaverse projects. That is why it is critical for metaverse projects to get off to a good start. Transaction fees, processing speed, and chain characteristics are just a few examples of the variables.

Ethereum is Congested!

Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain platform for developing decentralised applications. However, it has lost its vitality as a vibrant network in recent years as it has become congested and overcrowded. The transaction processing rate has decreased significantly, while the cost of processing transactions on the network has increased significantly, to the point where it has become highly unpredictable.

As a result, ethereum has become less appealing as a platform for most projects aimed at developing a metaverse. Metaverse primarily requires a highly active marketplace to purchase and sell virtual assets. Due to the difficulties highlighted above, developing on ethereum becomes cumbersome.

BlockX for the Metaverse

BlockX has established itself as the most dependable alternative to Ethereum for metaverse projects. Its architecture is magnificent and expansive, and the network more than compensates for the shortcomings of the Ethereum mainnet.

Low Gas Fees

BlockX is one of the most affordable blockchains available at the moment, with low gas fees and a short transaction verification time. Users are not required to compensate validators for processing their transactions.

High Transaction Speed

Are you still on the less-than-normal TPS lane? Your metaverse project definitely needs something more to avoid getting users frustrated from the very beginning. BlockX is the ideal network for establishing a robust NFT marketplace in the metaverse. Facilitate on-chain transactions, transfer asset ownership, acquire lands, and more, all in a matter of seconds.

Ready-made Primary and Secondary Exchanges

So you are ready to launch your project, BlockX provides you access to a large pool of investor communities where you can easily conduct your token sale as well as other metaverse-related products. You can sell tokens and establish an entire metaverse marketplace without worrying about network lag.

Get your $BCX tokens.

The BCX token is the underlying utility token of the BlockX network. The token sale has already commenced, and all interested participants can participate in the process. You can purchase the BCX token on the P2PB2B exchange using the link here. You can also partake in the token sale directly on our platform using this link here.

BlockX Network is facilitating the next level of metaverse projects.  Its distinct characteristics and built-in features undoubtedly make it the ideal ecosystem for new metaverse projects.


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