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How to Find the Next ICO to Explode in 2022 for Assets Tokenization

Tokenizer gives you access to the next big ICO or crypto today — a platform that enables asset tokenization through fractional ownership

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Crypto enthusiasts and investors are constantly on the lookout for the next big cryptocurrency or initial coin offering (ICO) that is about to blow up. By investing early, investors can earn astronomical returns if the coin or project eventually takes off. Typically, institutional investors or large corporations profit the most when the value of a project or coin increases. Whether it is a lack of funds or access to a diverse portfolio, individual investors are frequently restricted. Additionally, the current landscape of asset management is impacted by a variety of issues, including document duplication, a lack of transparency, and forgeries. These scenarios are rendered obsolete by asset tokenization.

What is tokenization?

The process of asset tokenization is the creation of digital tokens on a distributed ledger or blockchain. Asset tokenization, a ground-breaking concept that utilizes digital tokens to fractionalize ownership of assets, is now widely adopted by businesses and investors alike. Tokenization can be used to tokenize regulated financial products such as stocks and bonds, tangible assets such as real estate, and even intellectual property ownership, among other things.

By providing digital value to assets that are difficult to divide, asset managers and their customers gain access to new alternative investment opportunities. Additionally, once you purchase tokens representing an item, blockchain technology ensures that no one can take away or modify your ownership – your ownership of that asset is permanent.

Additionally, asset tokenization is transforming asset management by lowering the entry barrier for new investors through fractional ownership. Fractional ownership is a term that refers to a percentage of an asset's ownership. This assists investors in diversifying their portfolios and constructing more authentic market portfolios. As a result, an investor can invest in a property located anywhere in the world without physically being there.

Is tokenization worth it?

From an investment and business perspective, some of the biggest benefits of asset tokenization are as follows:

  • Availability of collateral

Through fractionalization, tokenization will expand the spectrum of available collateral that extends beyond traditional assets. This would substantially increase the options available to market participants when choosing non-cash assets as collateral.

  • Improved risk management and transparency

Through speedier transactions and increased transparency, tokenization will improve the ability to manage asset-liability risk. Furthermore, no one can claim fake ownership of an item since each record will be stored on the blockchain.

  • Broader investor base
    Real-world assets have traditionally been fractionalized to a very low degree. Tokenization eliminates this limitation through digital tokens that can be readily bought and sold. As a result, a broader pool of potential investors will be able to partake in investment opportunities.
  • Faster settlement

Asset trading is generally time-consuming and can take anything from a few days to several weeks or months. Tokenization can minimize transaction speeds by allowing trade 24/7 via smart contracts that self-execute when preset conditions are satisfied. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, reduces trading stress, and speeds up settlement.

  • Improved liquidity
    Asset tokenization creates a low-friction environment where ownership may be transferred automatically through blockchain technology. Due to their decreased complexity and costs, tokenized assets also allow investors to invest using fiat money and trade on regulated exchanges, thereby increasing liquidity significantly.

Tokenizer: Pioneering Asset Tokenization Globally

The word is spreading that tokenization is about to revolutionize asset management. With the proliferation of new blockchain-based tokenization platforms, one platform in particular has garnered the attention of businesses and investors. That is the goal of Tokenizer, a platform that aims to democratize investment and banking by offering a diverse range of asset classes.

Tokenizer is powered by BlockX, a blockchain-based digital asset, and settlement payment chain. The BlockX network can store both individual investors' and corporate entities' digital identities, making KYC procedures much easier. Users may also keep their assets on the platform's on-chain digital wallet, which is already incorporated into the BlockX ecosystem. $BCX is the native token of the BlockX and can be used to pay fees and earn staking and delegator rewards on the platform.

As digital assets become more prevalent, infrastructure that can combine efficiency with real-world compliance requirements is becoming the need of the hour. This is exactly what BlockX and Tokenizer aim to achieve by developing real-world financial and DeFi apps that are both compliant and safe for people, institutions, and sovereigns. If you are looking to cash in on the next big crypto or ICO, get started today with Tokenizer.

To learn more about BlockX, be sure to click here.


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