BCX Token Sale
Exchange Listing - December 20th

BlockX Mainnet and the BCX token sale is to be launched on October 31st, along with the introduction of new products that can be explored here.
5 days
BlockX is set to become an ecosystem that incentivizes developers to build scalable and cost-efficient dApps using EVMs like Ethereum, Matic, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

All of the dApps created by the developers of the BlockX community will be connected with the BlockX Network, which will encompass the entirety of our ecosystem.
Key Use Cases
Mainnet and the BCX token sale is to be launched on October 31st. The native BCX will be used in the BlockX ecosystem for:
1. Incentives for developers creating dApps on the network
2. Inflation rewards to Validators and Delegators
3. Voting
4. Gas fees for creating smart contracts
5. Gas fees for transferring assets from and to the EVM
6. Gas fees for transacting with the smart contracts created inside the EVM
A Brief Introduction to BCX Tokenomics
The initial supply of BCX is 600 million today, after burning 40% of the initial 1 billion BCX. High supply and an inflation of 20% allows BlockX to be focused on utility and high efficiency instead of pure scarcity.

The current basic distribution of BCX tokens is as follows:

1. 10% goes to the BlockX Reserve
2. 50% goes to the  Initial Token Sales
3. 15% is reserved for Angel Investors
4. 25% is set for the BlockX Team & Advisors
The basic distribution of the initial supply is as follows:
The Main Network Participants


  • Users running validator nodes, thereby confirming all transactions and creating new blocks on the network. They must go through an application process and hold at least 100,000 BCX; once approved, they set their own fees.


  • Users deploying capital and staking (accessing nodes) from Validators to receive rewards. Delegators will earn an APY of up to 20% on BlockX, and have the option to choose their Validator.


  • For the first time in the history of blockchain, the BlockX network will offer a share of block rewards and gas fees to dApp and Protocol developers. Developers will be the key players who help decide the fate of the network by working on Community Proposals.
Meet Our Leaders
Manindra Majumdar
Chief Executive Officer
John Stanley
Chief Financial Officer
Benjamin Pacheco

Chief Executive Officer
Atma Degeyndt
Chief Executive Officer,
Stay Updated
While waiting for the BlockX Mainnet and the BCX token to launch, we welcome you to join the BlockX community by visiting our Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Discord pages, and singing up for the BlockX Newsletter.
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