Tokenizer is BlockX’s all-inclusive digital banking solution that supports both crypto & fiat transactions, enables online shopping, money-saving, sending and receiving, and investing in tokenized assets.
Why build on BlockX?
Tokenizer, as the title suggests, is the foundation where assets on BlockX are tokenized and available to invest in. It is also a super-dApp for sending, receiving funds, paying for products online and offline, saving and maintaining wealth both in fiat and cryptocurrency.
Users will be able to enjoy alternative assets on-chain such as:
... and many
Tokenizer also offers industry-leading APY yields for your crypto and fiat, which can later be used to continue shopping online from your favorite e-commerce retailers.

Tokenizer is the epitome of cryptocurrency utilization - the aspect that played a key role in the creation of Bitcoin itself in 2009. Every function that a centralized bank provides, Tokenizer already has built in.

The Tokenizer app will make it easy and efficient to track your spending, growth of wealth, and yield return. Such a dApp should be in every enthusiast’s toolbox.
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